City of Sabetha, Kansas

Recreation in Sabetha

The Sabetha Parks and Recreation Department offers a year round program for people of all ages in and around Sabetha. Current programs for youth include: baseball, softball, soccer, tennis, swim lessons, swim team and karate classes. Programs for adults include: volleyball (co-rec, men, women's) leagues, basketball, karate and fitness classes.

The department also hosts a number of special events including softball tournaments, soccer clinics, baseball clinics, volleyball tournaments, and swimming clinics.

The department manages the operation of a number of facilities and grounds including the Midtown Building which houses a gymnasium used for free play, leagues, classes and other activities, and including a fitness center which has treadmills, ellipticals, free weights, and a universal weight machine.

The Mel Deaver Community Center houses the Sabetha Pre School and Senior Center and nutrition site.

The department is responsible for the operation and maintenance of five parks (650 acres), four ball diamonds, six tennis courts, two racquetball courts, a swimming pool, the Sabetha Lake and Pony Creek Lake. The Sabetha Lake is located five miles west of town and offers boating, water skiing, picnicking, fishing and camping.  Pony Creek lake spans over 171 acres and is located two miles north of Sabetha.


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