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Event Center

The Main Event

Sixteen Main Street
Sabetha, KS 66534

The Main Event is the former National Guard Armory and is currently being used as an ideal venue for events involving a large number of people. Occupancy is posted as 360. Examples of events that have utilized this facility include wedding receptions, After-Prom, home shows, craft shows, and business expos. Rental of this facility can be completed by contacting the City of Sabetha (785-284-2158) to check date availability. Lease agreements are for a one-day event at a price of $150.00 per day or for a 4-day weekend event at a cost of $400.00. There is also the option of renting the Meeting Room on Main together with the Main Event for a total cost of $600.00 for a four-day weekend, or $300.00 for a one-day event.  You should download the appropriate lease agreement and return it to City Hall with the deposit of $250.00 to reserve your date.

Included in the rental: Kitchen space, ice machine, trash bags, bathroom supplies, approximately 500 padded folding chairs, 100 tables with a 5’ diameter that seat 8, plus 10 white 7’ long tables. There is also a custom-made mobile bar/enclosure that fills the garage door opening inside the Main Event. 

The room measures 60’x 90’ and the ceiling measures 17’ to the rafters. There is some 3’ hanging ductwork in the ceiling. There are no outlets in the ceiling and uplights are available for your use.

Alcohol is allowed.

Included in the rental price is a precleaning of the facility, paid for by the City.

Lessee is responsible for all cleanup after the event. Cleanup is available through a private agreement between Lessee and Megan Barnes. She will come down after your event and put away all tables and chairs, collect all trash, clean the floors and bathrooms, etc., for a fee.  Again, this would be a private arrangement between the Lessee and Megan Barnes. She can be reached at 785-285-8074.

The key to the Main Event will be available for a weekend rental by 8AM Thursday at City Hall. The $450.00 or $600.00 weekend rental fee must be paid at that time, if not previously paid. 

Download Lease Agreements

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