City of Sabetha, Kansas

Water & Wastewater

Bill Shroyer, Supervisor

In 1989 the City of Sabetha constructed a water treatment facility located on the north edge of Sabetha. This facility was constructed to replace the antiquated treatment facility located at the Sabetha Lake 5 miles west of Sabetha. The water treatment plant also has a 9 acre holding pond which will supply water for Sabetha for approximately 75 days. The water plant was named after Lavon Wenger, the mayor of Sabetha at the time, who was very proactive in Sabetha’s water needs well into the future. Sabetha also supplies water for the City of Morrill.

The City of Sabetha utilizes Pony Creek Lake for their water supply. Pony Creek is located 171 acre impoundment 3 miles north of Sabetha on Highway 75. Pony Creek Lake was constructed in 1991 & 1992 using the Multipurpose Small Assistance Lakes Program. Sabetha was the first city in Kansas to utilize this program sponsored by the State Conservation Commission and the State of Kansas.

wastewater treatment plantThe Sabetha wastewater treatment facility is located approximately 1 mile south of Sabetha. The plant was constructed in 2005 and 2006. The wastewater plant is an activated sludge plant that utilizes the Aero-Mod system.

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