City of Sabetha, Kansas

Codes and Ordinances

Chapter 1 Administration

Article 1 General Provisions
Article 2 Governing Body
Article 3 Officers and Employees
Article 4 General Policy and Operations Manual
Article 5 Oaths and Bonds
Article 6 Open Records
Article 7 Investment of Idle Funds

Amendment 1320 - Establishing the Office of City Administrator
Amendment 1321 - Establishing the Position of Administrative Assistant

Chapter 2 Animal Control

Article 1 General Provisions
Article 2 Dogs
Article 3 Other Animals

Amendment - Licensing,Tagging and Impoundment of Dogs

Chapter 3 Beverages

Article 1 General Provisions
Article 2 Cereal Malt Beverages - Amended
Article 3 Alcoholic Liquor
Article 4 Private Clubs
Article 5 Drinking Establishments
Article 6 Caterers
Article 7 Temporary Permits

Statute 41-719 - Consumption of alcoholic liquor prohibited in certain places; exemptions
Statute 41-2645 - Temporary permit; authorization of certain sales

Amendment - Cereal Malt Beverage Sales and Alcoholic Beverage Sales
Amendment - Location of Retail Store, Micro-Brewery or Farm Winery
Amendment - Possession and Consumption

Amendment 1537 - Sale of cereal malt beverage and beer containing not more than 6% alcohol by volume within the City of Sabetha, Kansas; and Repealing any conflicting ordinances or resolutions

Chapter 4 Buildings and Construction

Article 1 Fire Limits
Article 2 Building Code
Article 3 Electrical Code
Article 4 Plumbing and Gas-Fitting Code
Article 5 Moving Buildings
Article 6 Dangerous and Unfit Structures
Article 7 Mobile Homes
Article 8 Numbering Buildings

Amendment - Licensing of Contractors, Establishment of Fees
Amendment 1304 - Adopting 1997 Edition of the Uniform Mechanical Code
Amendment 1305 - Adopting 1997 Edition of the National Electrical Code
Amendment 1306 - Adopting 1997 Edition of the International Plumbing Code
Amendment 1307 - Adopting the Uniform Fire Code
Amendment 1308 - Adopting 1997 Edition of the Uniform Building Code
Amendment 1480 - Amending Regulation Health and Welfare in Corporate Limits of City

Chapter 5 Business Regulations

Article 1 General Regulations and Licenses
Article 2 Solicitors, Canvassers, Peddlers
Article 3 Coin Operated Devices

Chapter 6 Elections

Article 1 City Elections
Article 2 Wards

Chapter 7 Fire

Article 1 Fire Department
Article 2 Fire Prevention
Article 3 Fireworks
Article 4 Fire Insurance Proceeds Fund

Chapter 8 Health and Welfare

Article 1 Health Nuisances
Article 2 Environmental Code
Article 3 Junked Motor Vehicles on Private Property
Article 4 Weeds
Article 5 Minimum Housing Code
Article 6 Rodent Control
Article 7 Hazardous Waste Cleanup

Amendment- Amending Regulating Health and Welfare - Abate Certain Nuisances and Assess Costs

Chapter 9 Municipal Court

Article 1 General Provisions

Chapter 10 Police

Article 1 Police Department
Article 2 Property in Police Custody

Chapter 11 Public Offenses

Article 1 Uniform Offense Code
Article 2 Local Regulations

Amendment - Incorporating by reference the 1997 Edition "Uniform Public Offense Code for Kansas Cities"
Amendment - Incorporating by reference the 2004 Edition "Uniform Public Offense Code for Kansas Cities"
Amendment 1349 - Establishing Offenses of Possession of Marijuana, Drug Paraphernalia, Simulated Controlled Substances

Chapter 12 Public Property

Article 1 City Parks
Article 2 Mary Cotton Public Library
Article 3 City Cemetary
Article 4 Sabetha Community Hospital
Article 5 Municipal Facility Use
Article 6 Pony Creek Lake Park
Article 7 Municipal Airport

Amendment - Regulating and Controlling Activities in and around the City's Lakes and Parks

Chapter 13 Streets and Sidewalks

Article 1 Sidewalks
Article 2 Streets
Article 3 Trees and Shrubs
Article 4 Snow and Ice

Chapter 14 Traffic

Article 1 Standard Traffic Ordinance
Article 2 Local Traffic Regulations
Article 3 Impoundment of Motor Vehicles
Article 4 Hazardous Materials

Amendment - Amending Portions of Current Code and Ordinance 1461 Regulating and Establishing Local Traffic Regulations
Emergency Snow Route for Snow Removal
Amendment - Emergency Snow Route and Establish Penalties

Chapter 15 Utilities

Article 1 General Provisions
Article 2 Water
Article 2a Water Conservation
Article 3 Sewers
Article 4 Electricity
Article 5 Solid Waste

Amendment - Regulating and Establishing the Rates for Electricity
Ordinance 1517 Amending Ordinance 1496 Establishing Rates for Electricity to be Sold

Chapter 16 Zoning and Planning

Article 1 City Planning Commission
Article 2 Board of Zoning Appeals
Article 3 Zoning Regulations
Article 4 Subdivision Regulations

Amendment - Regulating and Establishing Membership of the City Planning Commission

Appendix A Charter Ordinances

Appendix B Franchises

Ordinance 1501 - Flood Plain

Special Utility Vehicle Form

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